Embed the power of a spreadsheet into Qlik BI platform

SmartSpreadsheet is an Extension for QlikView, which simulates a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet into an QlikView Document.
This enterprise QlikView spreadsheet displays and manages data much like Microsoft Excel. Popular features include a formula engine, sorting, filtering, input controls, sparklines, and native Excel input/output.

Spreadsheet Integrate Your Spreadsheet Into Qlik

You can now extend the visualization capabilities of QlikView by simply using an Excel look and feel interface.
A specially designed wizard helps users create calculations that bridges QlikView spreadsheet data, creating a unique consistency for their interface. So flexible, so friendly, that the user can define how SmartSpreadsheet will fit into the QlikView workflow. The user has full control, by choosing when SmartSpreadsheet will be incorporated and how.

Data entry

The Ultimate Qlik Grid is The Qlik Spreadsheet!

Time is money and we are here to save you some! Qlik Data Entry, modification of calculations and QlikView scenarios change on the fly with just the minimum effort. Interactive use helps you see the implications of your analysis in real time.
No need to go back. Just make your changes right there, right then.
The power of Qlik meets the limitless possibilities of the spreadsheet and users discover a whole new world of QlikView Data Entry and QlikView Reporting!

Fast And Easy Excel Import/Export

Excel implementations are now available directly into Qlik

SmartSpreadsheet is your ideal tool for leveraging existing Excel implementations and extending automated actions from and to the entire QlikView ecosystem.
SmartSpreadsheet is fully integrated with QlikView, providing you the perfect interaction and offering the easiest, most sufficient way to see and analyze your data.

Easy Print & Print Preview

Qlik Reporting has never been so easy

SmartSpreadsheet enables you to design QlikView reports with fixed layouts that combine the unique features of QlikView with the functionality of Excel.
The user-friendly tools give you the freedom to create multiple format QlikView reports with your Qlik data. Start designing your statements, budget sheets, stock analysis and all your business reports with SmartSpreadsheet directly from your Qlik!

Welcome topic

Time to welcome SmartSpreadsheet, the ideal extension for Qlik users.

What makes it so unique?
The combination of design and practicality. SmartSpreadsheet keeps the user experience inspired design of QlikView data visualization while adding the practicality, simplicity and variety of functions used in spreadsheets.
That way you can still work on a familiar environment, like Qlikview while all the benefits of a spreadsheet are still at your fingertips.

All your needs are met easier than ever.
SmartSpreadsheet generates real time reports tailor-made to meet any Qlik reporting or analytical requirement. But the benefits don’t end here. You can also add your own data in Qlik Apps and visualize them on Qlik objects.

Taking interaction to a whole new level, SmartSpreadsheet interacts fully with QlikView while any selection affecting Qlik objects can be applied to SmartSpreadsheet Spreadsheets.

Product Overview

Product Overview

SmartSpreadsheet is a comprehensive spreadsheet QlikView extension that combines grid capabilities and spreadsheet functionality.
Cross-sheet referencing allows calculations to make use of data and formulas on a variety of sheets.

A QlikView extension allows you to visualize your data the way you want to see it. With extensions, fully interactive custom visualizations can be used directly from within QlikView. This feature enables the use of specialist visualizations and user interface components that are not present in standard QlikView.
Extensions allows you, for example to create and use a map or a tag cloud directly from within your QlikView application just like any other QlikView object.
QlikView extensions are designed to work in the QlikView Ajax client. It also works in QlikView Desktop if you turn on WebView.


The only requirement for the SmartSpreadsheet Product is a proper licensed QlikView Personal Edition version 12 and above.
SmartSpreadsheet is implemented with JavaScript and runs on browsers that support